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24 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts on Sale Now

24 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts on Sale Now

Time flies when everything is always happening, so it’s totally understandable if you forgot Mother’s Day is this Sunday! We can’t buy you more time, but we can help you find quality deals with quick shipping so you can still get a great gift. Moms are multifaceted marvels, and we’ve rounded up a variety of products, ranging from headphones and ebook readers to beauty goods and kitchen gadgets.

Don’t forget to check out our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas guide for more recommendations.

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Smart Display and Speaker Deals

digital frame with woman holding a child

Aura Carver

Photograph: Aura

My mom’s camera roll is filled with three types of photos—the Rocky Mountains, my siblings, and our family’s dogs. The Aura Carver Luxe lets her display all those pics like the proud parent she is, and it easily blends in with her home decor. You can check out Aura’s website to find other frame designs (many of which are also on sale.) 

Although Nixplay frames are similar to Aura’s, they look a little more like a digital screen, but with better resolution (photos will look sharper). If your mom is on the eco-conscious side, she can sleep better knowing that Nixplay plants a tree each time someone purchases a frame. Read our Best Digital Frames guide for more options. 

Facebook’s Portal Go (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is great for calling family members and friends, with a camera that senses and follows your motion as you move through a room. It also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and digital picture frame, so you get more utility out of it. Our Best Smart Display guide has other options, if Facebook is not your jam. 

Mommy’s little helper is tiny, round, and named Alexa. The fourth-generation Echo (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is great for anyone looking to connect and control other smart home devices via voice or to rock out with Spotify. Ask Alexa what the weather is, set a timer, or order toilet paper straight from Amazon. Make sure to read our tips on how to secure your Amazon Echo (as best you can). The cheaper Amazon Echo Dot, which has weaker speakers, is also on sale for $40 ($20 off).

Tech Deals

Beats Fit Pro wireless headphones

Beats Fit Pro

Photograph: Beats

Everyone talks about dad jams, but mom’s music is just as iconic. Give mom the gift of high-quality earbuds to soak it all in. The Beats Fit Pro (9/10, WIRED Recommends) are Apple’s best earbuds ever, with great noise-canceling tech, spatial audio, Dolby Atmos support, and a comfortable fit. Honestly, they’re just sleek as hell.

If your mom’s been looking for a new tablet to take on the go, or even just to have on her bedside table, look no further. The iPad Mini (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is portable and powerful, so she can run as many tabs as she wants in the background while binging Moon Knight. This is the lowest price we’ve ever tracked. 

Your mom deserves a massage, but little or distracted hands often just don’t cut it when it comes to working out those knots. Instead, take on the tension with the Theragun Mini. It supplies 20 pounds of pressure, so she can pass it over to her partner and let the rest melt away.

Twelve South PowerPic Mod Wireless Charger

Twelve South PowerPic Mod Wireless Charger

Photograph: Twelve South

This little gadget pulls double duty as a frame for art or a 4 x 6 photo and a way for Mom to recharge her smartphone (if it supports wireless charging). No need to fuss with plugging cables into a phone, and it’ll blend in with the home decor. Read our Best Wireless Chargers guide for more.

Use code MAMA at checkout to see the discount. Take advantage of this promotion to get cases for a few people you know or give Mom a couple of options so she can style her case with her outfit. Sonix has some of the prettiest iPhone cases, and these all include MagSafe. If she has an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, these will work with all her MagSafe accessories. 

I’ve never seen my mom devour anything the way she did a Dean Koontz novel. If your mom’s anything like mine, the new Kindle Paperwhite (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is a great option to bring her bevy of books with her anywhere. This model offers even faster page turns, USB-C charging so you can finally ditch that MicroUSB cable, and a warm frontlight so she can comfortably read in the dark.

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7

Photograph: Apple

Calling all the #PelotonMoms out there: The Apple Watch Series 7 has improved cycling detection. This means you can track that ’80s ride with Robin even better and log more accurate stats on the calories you’ve burned. This is consistent with the lowest price we’ve seen for the Series 7 last month, but it’s still a great deal.

Does Mom have an Android smartphone? The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (7/10, WIRED Recommends) is an elegant, classic-looking watch that matches the Apple Watch’s capabilities in many ways. That includes heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen detection, and sleep tracking. Read our Best Smartwatches guide for more.

The Garmin Vivomove is a great choice for the more fitness forward mom. The software is comprehensive, easily integrating with other fitness apps (like Strava), while also tracking other health elements like sleep and “body battery.” Much like the Samsung Galaxy, it also has a more “classic” look, so mom can transition from her runs to her dinner reservations.

It’s no secret that moms often have to sacrifice form for function so they can more efficiently take care of everything. The Garmin Lily is one of the smallest fitness trackers that Garmin makes. She can pick form first with this gorgeous smart watch.

Home and Kitchen Deals 

rolled up weighted blanket

Photograph: Baloo

For either a quick nap or a much-needed break during the day, your mom can calm down and check out with the Baloo Weighted Blanket. It’s a throw, so she won’t have to drag a massive, queen-sized blanket from the bedroom to the couch. And it’s made of cotton and weighs only 12 pounds, making it perfect for any season.

Whether your mom is a regular Julia Child or frequently heats up frozen meals, she can probably find a good use for the Instant Pot Pro Plus (8/10, WIRED Recommends). It makes mealtime much easier, with settings for pressure cooking, slow cooking, sautéing, steaming, and sous vide. With the Pro Plus, she can slow-cook her overnight oats for breakfast or whip up her finest filet for dinner.

This is one of the nicest-looking umbrellas we tested for our Best Umbrellas guide. It’s large enough to fit two, yet lightweight enough that it’s not cumbersome to carry. The cork handle feels great, and its bright canopy will shine through even the gloomiest of days. 

Though this isn’t on sale, per say, the Primula Burke Deluxe is our favorite cold brew coffee maker. The Primula makes a luxurious, smooth pot of cold brew for an affordable price. It’s also simple to use, so your mom can enjoy her daily caffeine with minimal fuss.

With a sunrise alarm clock like this one from HomeLabs, mom can wake up slowly and naturally as her room gradually lights up with a warm glow. A well-rested mom is a happy mom.

A mother’s to-do list tends to never end, likely leaving thoughts circling day and night. The Lectrofan Premium can help drown out a bit of that drumming, with a variety of sounds and decibel levels and a useful sleep timer. 

This machine has been at this price for around a month, though it frequently spiked much higher in early April. It’s our favorite super automatic espresso machine and can offer a moment of calm amidst the maelstrom that is mornings. Thanks to its automated settings and built-in milk frother, Mom can get all her favorite foamy, caffeinated goodness without having to trek to the local Starbucks. She just needs to fill up the water tank, add her favorite coffee beans to the hopper, and let the machine work its magic.

If your mom is a true coffee connoisseur, you can upgrade her to the Breville Barista Pro. This machine has a built-in, conical grinder that allows for a more precise, fine grind to get that perfectly pulled espresso shot. It also leaves room to adjust the pressure, the temperature, and the number of shots you want. 

Amongst the myriad of morning tasks moms often have, it’s likely that their cup of coffee ends up cold. The Ember Smart Mug is temperature regulated, stylish, and keeps track of caffeine intake — a trifecta for coffee lovers who likely have too many cups…in more ways than one.

My mother-in-law mastered the blowout, and she tries to teach me how to wield a round brush almost every time we visit. Though I just can’t quite figure it out, the Paul Mitchell Neuro Grip is perfect for those who have. The handle-free hair dryer lets you hold it at various angles so you can work with the round brush to give your hair that coveted bounce and volume.

7 Great Deals to Get You Through the Workweek

7 Great Deals to Get You Through the Workweek

The sun is out, so naturally all I want to do is grab a glass of rosé and sit outside with my girlfriends. Unfortunately, it’s typically frowned upon to have wine while you’re on a deadline. If you, too, are gazing out of your office window, I’ve rounded up eight deals that can help you get through the workday, from some of our favorite laptops to a white noise machine to help you wind down.

Don’t see anything you need here? Check out our guides to the Best Home Office Gear and the Best Office Chairs. 

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Work-From-Home Deals

multiple open Asus Chromebook Flip computers connected to each other and creating a fanlike sculpture

Asus Chromebook Flip C434

Photograph: Asus

Not all office supplies are created equally. Cords fray, laptops lag, and those old headphones on your desk are just beginning to bum you out. Whether you’re working from home, from the office, or some hybrid of the two, these deals can help you upgrade your work gear no matter where you are.

Our favorite Chromebook is more than 25 percent off this week. The two-in-one laptop offers flexibility so you can easily get work done at your desk (laptop mode) and browse Netflix at night (standing mode). It tends to sell at $520 usually, so this is a great opportunity to upgrade.

If you’re sick of lugging around a clunky laptop, opt for something a little more luxe. We really like the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 for its slimmer profile, bright screen, and overall good build. While it regularly dips to $549, it’s still a good price to grab it at.

Apple Airpods Max

Apple AirPods Max

Photograph: Apple

The Apple nostalgia is real, as Hulu’s The Dropout vividly depicts the 2007 iPhone drop. While nothing will surpass the hype that day had, we think the AirPods Max (8/10, WIRED Recommends) are still pretty exciting. They’re stylish, noise-canceling, and produce great sound. While $30 may not seem like much of a discount, Apple products don’t often go on sale.

The constant ticking of other people’s keyboards can be quite distracting. These Bose are our favorite option for the office, drowning out sound so well you won’t have to worry about your roommate playing Silk Chiffon on repeat or your coworker’s never-ending Slack notifications. The 700’s price fluctuates some but tends to sit at $379 usually.

For Winding Down From Work

Dreamegg D11 sound machine

Dreamegg Portable White Noise Machine

Photograph: Amazon

Nobody wants to take work home, especially if their office is their home. When you log off, it’s important to check out of your professional life, whether that’s through your favorite hobby or a good night’s sleep. These deals can help get rid of any nagging work thoughts and help you relax.

Nothing is worse than signing off just to see all the chores you have on your to-do list. A robot vacuum can take care of at least one of those for you. The G30 Edge features laser mapping and a slim shape that’s great for getting all the dust bunnies out from under your furniture. This isn’t the lowest price we’ve seen, but we think $240 is a solid deal.

Gaming can be a great way to get into a different world from work. One way that makes this even better is with a good gaming headset. While this headset is optimized for Playstation, it’s also compatible with other gaming systems. At 50 percent off an already relatively low price, it’s a great time to gear up for your favorite game.

If you find yourself working when you should be in your jammies, it can be helpful to have tools that lull you to sleep, like a white-noise machine. The Dreamegg Portable White Noise Machine can easily fit in any room with its petite profile, allowing you to drift off wherever you are. It features 11 sounds, three timer settings, and USB-C charging. With this discount, you can count less dollars than you do sheep.

More Great WIRED Stories

Google’s Much-Hyped Pixel 6 Undercuts Its Peers at Just $599

Google’s Much-Hyped Pixel 6 Undercuts Its Peers at Just $599

I’ve been using the two for the past few days and can’t share much about them just yet—look for our review next week—but these Pixels feel just as high-end as most $1,000 phones. The Pro especially has shiny aluminum around the edges that give it a classy look, whereas the Pixel 6 sticks with a matte texture that’s more subdued. Both are wrapped in glass, with Gorilla Glass Victus protecting the Pro’s screen, and Gorilla Glass 6 protecting the standard Pixel 6. Victus is a year or so newer than 6, and supposedly more protective.

These are also two of the larger Pixels Google has produced. The Pixel 6 has a 6.4-inch screen and the Pro is a 6.7 incher, but they don’t feel drastically different in size. That’s because the Pixel 6 has thicker borders around the screen, and the Pro’s screen curves out to the edges to maximize screen space. 

Maxed Out Specs

They have pretty much any feature you’d want in a top-end Android phone, including OLED panels, stereo speakers, full 5G connectivity, speedy Wi-Fi 6E, IP68 water resistance, and wireless charging (a new Pixel Stand wireless charger is on the way too). Both also have fingerprint sensors baked into the display, a first for Google but a feature that’s become the norm on most high-end Android phones.

Like its competitors, the Pixel 6 range does not include charging adapters in the box, just a USB-C to USB-C cable and a USB-C to USB-A adapter. 

Google Pixel 6

Pixel 6 Pro

Photograph: Google

Here’s how they differ:

Pixel 6: There’s a 90-Hz screen refresh rate, just like on last year’s Pixel 5, and a 1,080 x 2,400-pixel resolution. The Tensor chip, which Google says delivers up to 80 percent faster performance over its Qualcomm-powered predecessor, is joined with 8 gigabytes of RAM. It has a 4,524-mAh battery cell, which Google says should last more than a day. Neither has a MicroSD card slot (nor a headphone jack), but on the Pixel 6, you can choose between 128 or 256 gigabyte storage options. 

Pixel 6 Pro: You get a higher 1,440 x 3,120-pixel resolution and a 120-Hz screen refresh rate, which Google says can dip as low as 10-Hz when there’s not much happening on the screen to save battery life. The bigger size means a bigger 4,905-mAh capacity, and you also get 12 gigabytes of RAM. And if you record a lot of video, there’s an additional 512 gigabyte storage option. The Pro has an exclusive ultra wideband (UWB) chip, which can help it pinpoint the location of other UWB devices, similar to how the new iPhone 13 can find the precise location of Apple AirTags. Google says it will roll out “several features” that utilize UWB in the coming months but we don’t yet know what those will be.

Camera Upgrade

Google Pixel 6

Pixel 6

Photograph: Google

Pixel phones are known for their stellar cameras, but their lead has waned. To combat this, Google is upgrading its imaging hardware. Both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have the same main camera, a 50-megapixel large 1/1.31-inch sensor that can take in up to 150 percent more light than the Pixel 5. The camera uses a process called pixel binning, where pixels merge to absorb more light, so you end up with a 12.5-megapixel photo. 

The Best RSS Feed Readers (Because the Internet Is a Mess)

The Best RSS Feed Readers (Because the Internet Is a Mess)

The automation does require a pro account. Pro accounts also get some other nice features, like the ability to integrate with IFTTT and Zapier, an offline mode for the mobile apps. It also includes my personal favorite: keeping your YouTube account in sync with your RSS reading. You can watch YouTube videos in Inoreader, and next time you log into YouTube, you won’t have a ton of unwatched videos.

Inoreader offers a free (with ads) account, which is good for testing out the service to see if it meets your needs. If it does, the Pro account is $7 a month (it’s cheaper if you buy a year up front), which brings more advanced features and support for more feeds.

Best for Beginners

Feedly RSS reader
Photograph: Feedly

Feedly is probably the most popular RSS reader on the web, and for good reason. It’s well-designed, easy to use, and offers great search options so it’s easy to add all your favorite sites. It lacks one thing that makes Inoreader slightly better in my view—the YouTube syncing—but otherwise Feedly is an excellent choice. 

It even has a few features Inoreader does not, like Evernote integration (you can save articles to Evernote) and a notes feature for jotting down your own thoughts on stories. Feedly also touts Leo, the company’s AI search assistant, which can help filter your feeds and surface the content you really want. In my testing, I found that it worked well enough, but a big part of what I like about RSS is that there’s is no AI—I don’t want automated filtering. Depending on how you use RSS, though, this could be a useful feature.

Like the others here, Feedly offers iOS and Android apps along with a web interface. Feedly is free up to 100 feeds. A Pro subscription is $8 a month (it’s cheaper if you pay for a year) and enables more features like notes, save to Evernote, and ad-free reading. The Pro+ account gets you the AI-features and more for $12 a month.

Best For DIYers

Newsblur RSS reader
Photograph: Newsblur

Newsblur is a refreshingly simple old-school RSS reader. You won’t find AI or YouTube syncing here—it’s for reading RSS feeds and getting on with your life. It can subscribe to all kinds of content (including newsletters), read full stories (even from RSS feeds that don’t offer them), integrate with IFTTT, and even track story changes if a publisher updates an article.

The Coros Pace 2 Is My New Favorite GPS Running Watch

The Coros Pace 2 Is My New Favorite GPS Running Watch

After years of testing GPS running watches from a slew of brands, I had accepted what felt like a hard fact: When it comes to fitness, all of Garmin’s watches are so far ahead of the pack that it would be almost impossible for any other company to catch up. I’ve seen many companies try and fail. If I wanted to track a workout or map a run, I’d probably strap on a Garmin.

However, a year or so ago, one company started making me pause. Coros, a California company that started out making bike helmets, of all things, began sponsoring some athletes with serious star power. The celebrity pro ultrarunner Coree Woltering, who ran the fastest known time on the Ice Age Trail and won hearts on the World’s Toughest Race, wears a Coros. So does Eliud Kipchoge, the world record holder for the marathon.

It’s like watching every Nike-signed athlete suddenly migrate to a completely different shoe. What is Eliud Kipchoge doing? But it wasn’t until I saw Des Linden set a new world record with a Coros watch that I couldn’t put it off any longer. I had to test the tech. Coros sent me its Pace 2, and—surprise!—it’s now my new favorite running watch too.

Feathery Friend

Let’s start off with the most striking feature. The Pace 2 is light. It weighs 29 grams, which is lighter by a few grams than its closest obvious competitor, the Garmin Forerunner 45. It’s so light that I barely even noticed I was wearing it.

Coros watch
Photograph: Coros

You also have the option to switch out the perforated silicone band for a nylon one to save even more weight, although I prefer the convenience of soaping and rinsing a silicone band to handwashing the sweat out of a nylon one. (And yes, I know it’s disgusting, but if you’re having irritation on your wrist under your fitness tracker, you probably need to wash that strap.)

The Coros watch has two buttons, as compared to Garmin’s five buttons. One of the buttons rotates like a digital crown to scroll through activities, while one other button selects the highlighted option, and the last one navigates back to the previous step. Operation is very simple.

The screen is simple too. Rather than the Garmin’s crisp, clear, light-up memory-in-pixel display that you can tinker with and customize, the Pace 2 has a basic LCD screen. You can choose different faces and select your color scheme, but your choices are limited. Honestly, I prefer it that way. And sports watches don’t have to have the best possible screens. An LCD is usually fine.

An LCD screen is also a low-energy component, which I found especially helpful when I went camping. My family is outdoors a lot, and nothing is more annoying than going on an impromptu trail run to discover that your battery has died. The Garmin Instinct Solar I tested last year could supplement several days’ worth of battery life with solar charging, but it turns out that you don’t need to worry about recharging your battery—by any means—when the battery itself is epically long-lived.